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ohmigod ohmigod ohmigod!!

I just saw the post for this in tradingpaces and I got soooo excited! I LOVE SURPRISE BY DESIGN!!! I've been watching it since day one! And I try to watch it whenever I can! I can't think of his name, but the guy on the show cracks me up!!! I LOVE HIM! He's great! I love both the hosts! I think it's the best show like it on tv. Even better than trading spaces and while you were out -those two, especially trading spaces, to me at least, are getting kind of boring. But yeah Surprise by Design is great, and it's on TWICE a day! It's fabulous!!!
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i totally agree. this show is so fun and the hosts are so funny. and they are the designers! that rocks!

i work during the day, so i hope discovery will play some of the shows on the weekend. :-)
just to let you know the guy on the show that cracks you up probably is robert verdi he is the best designer ever i think.